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Argentine Ambassador’s Polo Cup 2019

Post date: 31/07/2019

The ‘Argentine Ambassador’s Cup’ is a major sporting event held annually in the United Kingdom. The Cup, founded in 1938 by Viscount John Cowdray as a token of friendship between Argentina and the United Kingdom, is played out each year on the fields of Cowdray Park Polo Club, considered the home of British polo. This is the seventh year in which INPROTUR will be collaborating with the Embassy in running the event. It represents a real opportunity to promote tourism, to showcase our wonderful estancias and the Palermo Open.

The match was played between “Emlor” and “Park Place" at 3 in the afternoon. "Emlor" came out victorious. Their players were: Spencer McCarthy, Agustin Merlos, Alfredo Bigatti and Michel Del Carril. Meanwhile, on the pitch for "Park Place" were Andrey Borodin, Juan Britos, Hilario Ulloa and Benjamin Urquiza.

This year two hundred guests, tour operators and importers of Argentine goods among them, were treated to an asado and a marvellous game. Polo is an emblem of Argentina’s "country brand" and serves as a catalyst to draw tourism from overseas.


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