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COVID-19 situation for exporters of grains, by-products and biofuels

Post date: 06/04/2020

With regard to the possible rumours and misinformation campaigns that may affect exporters of grains, by-products and biofuels from our country, the Oil Commerce Chamber of the Republic of Argentina (CIARA), the Chamber of Private Commercial Ports (CPPC), the Chamber of Port and Maritime Activities and the Centre for Grain Exports, have reported the following: 

a) Ports: the 22 grain and by-product ports in the country are open and functioning as usual.

b) Embarkations: embarkation commitments are being met in due time and proper form.

c) Receipt of grains: the receipt of grains has been standardised in all ports and grain processing plants for exportation.

d) Intake of vessels from countries with cases of COVID19: preventive and monitoring measures have been established by the National Government and the national authorities and these vessels are able to enter ports.

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