Embajada en Reino Unido


Estas contribuciones no son coordinadas por la Embajada o el Consulado

Las asociaciones argentinas en el Reino Unido se han agrupado para ayudar a los argentinos varados en UK y han compilado la siguiente lista de ayudas.

Por favor dirigir las contribuciones o consultas a: argentinos.varados.uk@gmail.com


Sin cargo 
* London. 1 room and private bathroom. No charge. For 1 week. Ref: FY-Ad
* London.High Barnet.1 Apartment. Key worker. No charge (to confirm). Ref. PM-Ap
* London SW18. 1 room for 1 person (female). No charge in exchange of female traveller who can help teach/speak daughter (3yrs) in Spanish or even look after her for a few hours a day while the couple work at home
* Milton Keynes (1h from central London). No charge (to confirm). 1 Apartment. Ref. LC-Ap
* Haslemere (1.5h from London) GU27 2AB. 1 room for 1 person. No charge. House with key worker and baby 2 yrs.
* Southampton (2h from London). No charge. In exchange for childcare. Ref. CR-Ap
Newcastle. Gateshead. 1 Apartment. No charge (to confirm). Ref.RH-Ap
Bajo costo
* London (Peckam, Brixton, W Croydon). Ranging £90-160 per week. Ref. GU-Ma
* London. Isleworth TW7 6QS. 1 room for 1 person. Please note that the house has a dog and a cat.  £150 per week.
* London. Chesham. HP5 3NP. 3 people (double + single). £150 per week. Ref. DI-Ma
* London. East London (Stratford-Westferry-Whitechapel, E1, E7, E14, E15). Range: £150-200 per week.Ref. DA-Ma
* Canterbury (2h from London). Various accommodations to rent. Sleeps up to 4-6-8 people. 14 days+ www.bluefoxrentals.co.uk. Range £150-180 per week.
Food Vouchers and Donations
E-vouchers (or cash equivalent): £200. Donated by Eduardo and Marcela Minardi
E-voucher Mark & Spencer: £70. Donated by Diana Stobart
E-voucher £30 for Casa Argentina or for another food provider. Ref. LM-Ad
Casa Argentina: Special discount 20% on all deliveries online (delivered 24-48 hours across the UK) plus 1 pack of Yerba (500gr) FREE. Code: HUG20 on www.casaargentina.co.uk/deli
English: Ayuda en comunicaciones en ingles o busqueda de servicios.  From Multilateral (Cecilia Lipovsek). https://www.multilateral.london
Lista de asociaciones que contribuyeron en orden alfabético:
APARU - Association of Argentine Professionals in the UK 
ARENIN - Argentinos en Inglaterra 
Argentinos en UK - Original 
Asociación de Médicos Argentinos en Gran Bretaña 
BACC - British Argentine Chamber of Commerce 
BSMI - British San Martin Institute 
Sapo de Otro Pozo – Argentinos en Londres 
SOBAL - Society of British & Argentine Lawyers 
The Anglo-Argentine Society 
The Canning Club

Por favor dirigir las contribuciones o consultas a: argentinos.varados.uk@gmail.com

Fondo argentino de cooperación sur-sur y triangular